E-Waste to ZeroWaste

We give life to your discarded Electrical & Electronic device

The Business to address Social Issues

Past is Prologue

Let the past be the redeeming point to salvage the present and build a better future. Connect with ZeroWaste movement and in the bargain get rewarded with our Fair Price in Cash for each non-repairable discarded electronic gadget you give us.

We are committed to initiate a socially responsible movement towards the proper disposal and/or recycling of electronic waste. We look at e-waste not just as waste, but as an important resource that can be made useful instead of shunning it as a social and environmental burden.

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ZeroWaste Business Model

We are entering this emerging Billion Dollar opportunity, with annual growth rate of around 30%, with fresh mind-set and innovative solutions

ZeroWaste offers an extensive list of waste electronic items with purchase price, along with training to all stakeholders. This is standard across all partner stores and collection centres. All material is collected from these centres and is brought to central warehouse.

ZeroWaste have forged agreements with Authorized E-Waste recyclers. We get our revenues by selling the collected waste to these recycling facilities for proper & safe processing & disposal. We ensure transparency at each step, thus enabling trust in our process.

By identifying and extracting the working parts in dead & waste electronic items, we are planning to launch an online spares hub, which will cater to the electronics servicing industry. Through this we have the opportunity to create additional revenue streams.