Frequently Asked Questions

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ZeroWaste is an online platform where customers can sell their used and old electrical /electronic devices at great price.
ZeroWaste provides home pickup in less than 36 hours with instant payment option.

You can sell any home appliance, kitchen appliance, mobile phones, any type of electronic or electrical item mentioned on our website, which is in working condition. You can get a price quote instantly for your product by using the Gadget Evaluator on our website.

Once you follow our standard product specification pages and after receiving a quoted price for your product, you only need to select the home-pick up option on ZEROWASTE, wherein, the system will ask you to select a preferable time slot according to your ease. Once you’ve finished the process after entering the OTP (One Time Password), you’ll receive a verification call from our customer support team within 24-36 working hours. Our pick-up executive will be at your door step within next 48-72 working hours.

Yes, you will be charged for the home pickup service which is different for every product category.

We have multi payment options available to pay you as per your convenience like Cash, Wallets, NEFT, IMPs etc.

In case the item, which you’ve listed as working, is not working at the time of pick up, you will be offered an alternate option based on different product condition. You can sell your product for an alternate price quote. If your product doesn’t falls in any of those options, you have to re-evaluate your product by Gadget Valuator.

You’ve to login on our website again and need to fill the present correct information of your item or you can also call on our customer support number 0141-6595090 and we will be doing the needful on your behalf. Once, you have followed the defined process again and got the order confirmed, then, our pick-up executive will come and pick it up from your given home address and will give you the quoted money.

We, at Zerowaste, are committed to safeguard the confidentiality of the data of your device. We recommend that you delete all your personal data from your device, before handing it over to the pickup executive. But, in case you forgot to do so, we’ll make sure that all of your data has been wiped out from your device before handling it to the recycler.

Also, we make sure that your device is recycled safely without harming the environment in any way.

Yes, you can get status update of your order by login into (MY ORDERS - top right corner)

Unfortunately, No. Currently we do not have this service.

Currently, we are functional in Jaipur, Delhi, and Gurgaon. If you don’t find your city in the available options, then we would like to request you to drop an email on and we will keep you posted about our forthcoming expanding plans.

No, you can keep the charger if you wish to but, that will affect the overall buyback price of your phone.

Of course, we’ll buy it from you. Though, it may lead to some deduction in your final cash amount, which you will receive by us.


If you don’t find your model on our available phone options, then you can email us on or call us at our customer support number 0141-6595090. We will try our best to add your model in our list as soon as possible and fetch a suitable deal for you.

YES! We at ZeroWaste accept any kind of electronics/devices and we recycle them in the most eco-friendly manner. FYI, in some cases we may not be able to offer any cash value, yet we request you to help us recycle responsibly and save environment.

We have multi payment options available to pay you as per your convenience like Cash, Wallets, NEFT, IMPs etc. Our pickup executive shall be sharing the same with you in the exchange of your product at your doorstep at the time of pickup.

We recommend you to delete all the personal data and also to remove the SIM and memory card form your phone. But, just in case you haven’t, then it’s not a problem at all. Because, before going ahead with any further procedure, we make sure that our technical expert has wiped out all the available data from the device.

Regrettably, this option is not feasible.


Details are mentioned on the refrigerator itself. Brand and Volume are mentioned on the Sticker on Front Side of the refrigerator. Volume is also mentioned on the Serial Number Label on Front Side or Back Side of the refrigerator.

If you are mentioning it as working product, it needs to be fully functional at the time of pickup. Hence, if the fridge is not cooling, we will take it as Non-Working and calculate its worth accordingly.

All internal parts of the product are considered as a single entity. But in case you have an external stabilizer, you can add it to your cart as a separate product. This will fetch you additional value.

If you opt for smart credit vouchers in exchange of your product, we can help you find the nearest store where you can buy a new product and redeem your vouchers. The value of smart credit voucher will fetch you discount double the worth of cash money.


Uninstallation should be done only by professionals. If you cannot uninstall it, then we will do it for you, free of cost.

We don’t provide repairing services to customers. We deal in recycling of electronic/electrical products.

No, all the products have to be fully functional at the time of pickup. If it’s not working at the time of pick-up and you mentioned it as working on our website, then we will not buy your product/item.


Yes, we will. You can use our "Gadget Evaluator" to calculate the price of your television.

If you have one, then you can give it to us along with your television. In case, if you don’t have it with you, even then we’ll buy your television.

We will take the product but we can only take it as non-working product’s price.


If you have your receipt of washing machine, it must have stated about the capacity of your washing machine. If you don’t have it, the capacity of washing machine must have been written on itself.

Weight is mentioned on the Sticker on Front Side or near Control Knobs on Top. In case the sticker is not there or faded then look at Serial Number Label on the Back Side of the Washing Machine.

No, if any of the functions are not being performed by the product then we consider it as non-working product.

Yes, if all the functions are working, then it’ll be categorized as a working product.


OTG means "Oven, Toaster and grill". It is an advanced version of traditional oven.

You can ask any technician to check whether it is working or not. Once it has been confirmed, you can list your product under the suitable category.