Why ZeroWaste


We stand today with a responsibility to move forward unhesitatingly, to grow, develop and look beyond our immediate comforts to embrace far more important ideals of conserving our depleting resources, keeping our Earth pristine, for the generations to come.

Transcending short-term conveniences, we are determined to make every effort to establish an environmentally sound nation.

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We Owe it to Our Future

While the technology astounds us more than ever with each passing day, the changes to our own immediate environment remind us that we are also pushing it beyond its carrying capacity. We are faced with perils of e-wastes. The World dumps almost 137,000 tonnes of waste electronics, consisting of non-repairable mobiles, laptops, computers and home appliances, every day.

Over 1.5 metric tonnes of e-waste is generated in India annually

Going Back is Going Forward

ZeroWaste digs out the gold from your old, damaged and obsolete electronics by recycling, reusing and disposing them responsibly and makes you earn from them too. In turn our future gets bright and green.

ZeroWaste is a unique and simple way for people to dispose their electric & electronic waste. With series of Collection Centers set up at various places in Rajasthan, we ensure the E- Waste is disposed responsibly.

Powered by our reverse logistics we are working towards organizing the unorganized segment of the electronics industry and pushing for a more sustainable future.

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Responsibilities Simplified

With our consultancy, training and support offered to the collection channel partners, we have introduced attractive and efficient trade-in & buy-back programs, contributing in strengthening of the EPR strategies.

Making the take-back processes relevant and simple for individuals to use or making commercial sense to large corporations, our solutions offer attractive propositions to every segment of society.

Rewarding to Clean India

A customer can call on ZeroWaste Toll Free number 1800-3000-0091 or visit www.ZeroWaste.co.in, and get information about nearest Collection Center, e-waste prices and can schedule a pickup. On exchanging the waste, customer receives Cash along with Smart Credits for their next purchase of electronics.

With our efforts backed with the authorization of Municipal Corporations and Pollution Control Boards, we are designated for a constructive role of making the cities clean.

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'Buy One, Recycle One' Movement

ZeroWaste is taking its mission city to city and has recently launched its services in Jaipur. We are on the path to make India a Zero E-Waste Nation, with Rajasthan being the first milestone.

Through 'SmartExchange' ZeroWaste encourages the 'Buy One – Recycle One' concept. Consumers can recycle their old gadgets and buy new ones at our Partner electronic stores, all in a single visit.

The movement, as we call it is an elaborate affair simplified to streamline the reverse logistic process and bring in all stakeholders at one platform. ZeroWaste is a social enterprise, a movement to Make India Clean, Earth Green and Our Future Definite!

Come be a part of the ZeroWaste Movement!